Use the following e-mail address to contact Dr. Hicks:

Please mention who you are (attorney, physician, etc.) and whether you are seeking coaching, forensic evaluation, or some other form of consultation. Include a phone number where Dr. Hicks can reach you if necessary.

If you want Dr. Hicks to review a forensic report, please take the following steps:

1.         Remove identifying information from the report.

Use the “find/replace” function in your word processing program to replace the last name of the subject with a typographical symbol not otherwise used in your report (for example, “%”, “#”, or “&”). If you have the report only in hard copy, block out the name wherever it appears with a thick pen and scan in PDF form.

2.         Compose an e-mail message to Dr. Hicks (see above).

3.         Attach a copy of your report.

4.         Send the e-mail.

Dr. Hicks will respond as quickly as possible with the cost to review your report. The cost may vary based on the length of the report, the extent of editing needed, and the format of the report (a PDF scan is the most difficult to review, a report written using one of Dr. Hicks’ Word templates is the easiest).

5.         Click on the PayPal icon below to pay for the service.

You must enter the amount requested by Dr. Hicks. Payment is not refundable once Dr. Hicks has started to review your report. PayPal fees will be deducted from any refund, which may be paid by check or other method.

Forensic psychiatric services:
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